Welcome to the future home of SearchFinancialSecurity.com

Launching in January 2008, SearchFinancialSecurity.com will be a key resource for IT professionals responsible for information security within financial services organizations. The site will provide security managers with in-depth technical advice and learning materials related to the strategies, technologies and business processes associated with ensuring security in high-risk financial environments.

At SearchFinancialSecurity.com, you'll find resources on hot topics such as:
  • Government regulations
  • E-discovery
  • SEC and FDIC regulations
  • Basel II
  • Auditing and Testing Guidelines
  • State and Data Breach Laws
  • USA Patriot Act
  • Identity Management and Access Control
  • Consumer-based Authentication
  • Network security
  • Web and application security
  • Communications security
  • Transactional and protocol security
  • Data governance
  • Risk Assessment

Our glossary provides handy references for financial information security terms such as:
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Secure Electronic Transaction
  • FCRP
  • Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol
  • OTTO
  • GRC
  • Cardspace
  • SenderID

SearchFinancialSecurity.com will provide security professionals with comprehensive information on legal and compliance issues, including government regulations like FACTA, GLBA, HIPAA and USA Patriot Act, as well as industry-specific guidelines and compliance best practices. Other coverage areas will include security technology specific to verticals like banks, investment firms and merchant services providers; guidance for building security into mission-critical business processes; and strategic and management issues like risk assessment and data governance.